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For installation on the upper shrouds as an ideal and always available pick-up point for the roller (independent of the position of the sails). For a clearer and more comfortable LIFT back on board.


The C&L wire clamp on the upper shroud is the safest place to lift a person back on board.

This is where the ship is calmest and therefore the risk of the person being injured or washed over by the water is lowest.

You always have the person in view from the rudder and can react at any time without leaving the rudder and putting yourself in danger.

The C&L wire clamp can be mounted at any height. This ensures that the person lifted on board comes over the railing and can stand directly on deck.


The C&L wire clamp is also the ideal pick point whenever you want to lift a person or object on board. The C&L wire clamp is also ideally suited for a rescue collar.


The C&L wire clamp consists of the universal housing and inlays.


Material and properties



+ CNC-manufactured aluminium

+ hard-wearing anodised coating

+ seawater resistant



+ exactly fitting for your shroud

+ special alloy, compatible with the material of the shrouds

+ optimal grip on the shroud

+ seawater resistant


Suitable for wire and ROD rigs made of stainless steel in all common shroud diameters (5 mm to 14.3 mm).



scope of supply

Housing for C&L wire clamp made of anodised aluminium (seawater resistant), inlays for C&L wire clamp in the selected shroud diameter (seawater resistant), illustrated installation instructions German/English


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